Useful Items For Your Motorhome

Useful Items For Your Motorhome

We have been living in our motorhome pretty much full time for almost 4 years.  We spend the Autumn/Winter exploring Europe and the rest of the time working as campsite wardens.  Our motorhome was our first and neither of us had much previous camping experience so knowing what we would need was a bit of a minefield.  There is so much to choose from and some things especially tables and chairs we have bought several different types before we have found the best ones for our needs.

Disclaimer:  This document does contain Amazon affiliated links – for those who don’t know this means should you purchase anything via the links we will receive a tiny commission (usually pennies which goes towards the cost of running our blog and maybe a refreshment or two) but we guarantee the item will not cost you anymore than if you buy direct from Amazon.  All the items in the list we have personally purchased and used and have therefore included some tips/comments on most of the items which we hope you find helpful.

Click this link to download a copy of the list   Useful Things For Your Motorhome pdf


Hair straighteners – 12V Not as good as GHDs, but do a reasonable job Rechargeable straighteners
Hair towel Great for removing excess water especially when a hairdryer isn’t to hand Hair towel wrap
Hairdryer folding 1200 w I use with invertor on low heat setting Travel hairdryer
Micro towels Quick drying and easy to store XL microfibre towel
Shower head Good for reducing water usage – on/off button is a useful addition Water saving shower head
Turkish towels Quick drying also great as beach towel or wrap – various colours we have red and blue. Turkish Towel
Toothbrush holders Finding a place for our electric toothbrushes has driven us mad for over 3 years – they always get knocked off the small shelf and have to be put away each and every time we set off.  These holders are a perfect solution Electric Toothbrush Holders



Cup Holder We have fixed single beds which convert to a kingsize bed we therefore don’t have any space for bedside shelves – these cup holders fit in the gap in the side of the mattress and are great for storing our phones, drinks 3 in 1 cup holder
Folding Boxes Great for storing clothes and items in overhead cupboards Ikea folding boxes
Mattress Topper 3” memory foam single topper – can be cut to shape Mattress topper
Packing Cubes Great for storing clothes – we each have our own colour for easy identification Packing Cubes



Coffee Machine Sometimes instant just won’t cut it.  LOL  You will need EHU  or an inverter at least 1200 watts. Nespresso Mini Coffee Maker
Collapsible washing up bowl Good for easy storage Collapsible washing up bowl
Digital spoon scale Compact weighing scale Digital Spoon Scale
Dinner Set 16 piece melamine dinner set.  We chose this make because they are lightweight, hardwearing and look a little less like a picnic set than some other brands.


I think when I come to replace my dinner set, I may go for this design, although our current set is still going strong after almost 4 years of daily use 😊

Dinner set – latte





Dinner set – Grey/granite

Drying mat Good for putting on worktop for extra drying space Drying Mat
George Foreman Grill (small) The grill in our van isn’t the best so we find this really handy for grilling meat and vegetables and also doing toasties.  It will also run off our invertor. George Foreman Grill
Hand Blender Good for soups, sauces and smoothies – use with inverter 350 w hand blender
3 in 1 blender, chopper & whisk Decided to upgrade from hand blender as often want to chop herbs etc, make breadcumbs and thought a whisk would be handy to safe the old arms 😉

3 In 1 600W hand blender ,chopper/food processor, electric whisk, immersion mixer – Includes 500ml Chopper Bowl + 700ml Beaker


600 w hand blender
Ingeniou Saucepans Removable handle for easy stacking.  Can be used on hob and in oven so double up as cake tins and casseroles – various sets and sizes available Ingeniou pan set
Oven shelf Our motorhome oven only came with one shelf so we bought an extending extra shelf Extending oven shelf
Plastic bowl Great for baking 4 litre plastic bowl
Plastic storage boxes Use in fridge to contain items when travelling
Rubber tray Multi purpose – use in top drawer for extra work surface, cutting bread on to contain the crumbs, use as a draining area etc, etc Anti-slip tray
Saucepan protectors A great way to protect your pans, stop rattling whilst on the move – we also use them between plates. Saucepan Protectors
Slow Cooker Light weight stainless steel insert which can be used on stove to sear meat before slow cooking 3.5l slow cooker
Spice Rack Great for those must have spices 3 tier spice rack
Storage rack Good for making better use of cupboard space Extendable cupboard rack
Washing Up Bowl with handles Great for trips to the washing up sinks Square bowl with handles



Electrical hook up lead (EHU) We carry a 25m and 10m and find this covers most eventualities 25m 2.5 EHU lead


10 m EHU lead

High efficiency 430W 12V Dual Battery MPPT solar charge controller/regulator for up to 50V solar input A vital component in any solar system. Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller
Laptop charger 12v 12v laptop charger – compatible with most well known brands, but check Amazon listing for full info 12v Laptop Charger
Polarity Checker For testing the correct wiring of electrical hook up points. Polarity Checker
Satellite – Auto dome Really nice low profile auto seeks twin LNB sat system. Maxview VU Qube Auto II Satellite System
Satellite roof mount For above permanent roof fixing. Maxview Cube Roof Mounting
TV – 12v A great telly – USB/DVD/Freeview.  Good picture. does what it says on the tin. 12v 20″ TV
USB clip light We bought a pair of these and have found them very handy to conserve power when not on hook up USB Clip Light with Flexible Neck, Touch Sensitive Control
USB rechargeable strip lights Perfect for adding lighting to cupboards. Attached by magnetic strip. USB rechargeable motion sensor strip lights
USB sockets (12v) Our motorhome only came with a one USB socket in the habitation area – that certainly was not enough for all our tech equipment, so we have added 4 extra sockets which makes life much easier. 12 V USB sockets


Bug zapper racket You definitely won’t regret investing in one of these – a very effective way of dealing with all those annoying flying creatures that always seem to find there way into your van.
Electronic Bug Zapper Racket for Mosquito, Wasp, Pest, Insect Control – Battery Powered Indoor and Outdoor Swat Bat
Electronic bug zapper racket
Disc lock Motorcycle disc lock.  An extra security measure that we have added to lock the driver’s seat in its rear facing position thus making almost impossible to drive (will require you to drill a hole in you swivel seat plate) – any questions please feel free to ask. Disc lock
Door locks (external) We have added these to hab and garage doors for extra security Fiamma Door locks (3 pack)
Fire Extinguisher We currently have one of these however they do need replacing every 5 years.

When we come to replace our current extinguisher, we will consider getting one of these instead – less mess and do not have a lifespan

Small Fire Extinguisher



Fire Extinguisher A, B, C, F & Electrical

First Aid Kit Great compact kit First Aid Kit -309 Pieces
Gripper mats Can be cut to size to put in cupboards/shelves to stop things moving around when on the road. Gripper mats
Knife Multi use Gerber Bear Grylls Pro Knife
Mosquito killer/light USB rechargeable We have tried several different ways get rid of pesky mossies who always seem to manage to find their way into our van – this one has been more successful than the others and is USB rechargeable.

Electric Mosquito Killer Camping Lights, 2 In 1 Portable USB Rechargeable Fly Killer Bug Zapper Lights Tent Light

Rechargeable bug zapper/light
Portable Jump Start Pack Small, portable, and convenient as having jumps leads and no one to jump from can be an issue. Guluman Portable Car Jump Starter 16800mAh 800A Peak Ampere  All 12-Volt SUV Truck Car Battery Booster Jump starter
Rachet Straps Used to strap front cab doors for increased security Cam Buckle Straps
Roadside Emergency Kit Everything you need in one kit. 10 Piece European Travel Kit
Smoke Alarm

CO Detector

First Alert Smoke Alarm

Fire Angel Carbon Monoxide detector

Snow Chains We debated whether we could justify the expense of these and in 3 years we have only had cause to use them once (thankfully) when we caught in an unexpected snow storm in France in April – they were easy to fit and worth every penny Snow Chains
Torch – large Quite heavy so could double up for protection if required Heavy Torch
Tow Rope Heavy-duty, 4 tonne AA Tow Rope is highly visible and 4 metres in length. It comes complete with carry bag for easy storage Heavy Duty Tow Rope
Tyre Inflator Compact and well built – in my opinion an invaluable piece of kit as lots of petrol station’s air supplies won’t go to some of the higher pressures required for motorhome tyres. Ring RAC900 Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator Air Compressor
Vodafone tracker At some point we may decide to get a full blown tracker, but in the mean time this is a great little GPS location tracker, that’s small enough to be tucked away in the motorhome.  It allows you to track anything in real time from your smartphone even when you’re not nearby thanks to a built-in sim, for full functionality a V-Sim subscription is required at £2 per month Vodafone tracker
Wheel Clamp After much thought and research we decided that this make/model would be the best for our use, although not the heaviest of wheel clamps we wanted something that was highly visible, quick and easy to use so we wouldn’t be put off from using even for quick stops ie. Shopping. Lays flat for storage. Milenco Wheel Clamp



Alexa Alexa
Bike Clamps Great little quick release bracket to keep your bikes fixed down in your garage while travelling. Bike Clamps
Cadac Carri Chef 2 – gas bbq A larger size suitable for families Cada Carri Chef 2 – large
Cadac Safari Chef – gas bbq We have an older model – this size is compact and great for outdoor cooking for 1-2 persons Cadac Safari Chef – small
Chair – folding We also have a couple of basic folding picnic chairs which are ideal for guests or using on the beach Folding camping chair
Chairs – Kampa Comfort With hundreds of different of styles it’s difficult to choose the best one for your needs.  We have tried several ourselves.  Mrs B loves her gravity chair but they can be quite heavy and are good for sitting at a table. Kampa Comfort chair
Clothes airer 4 Arm Aluminium Rotary Camping Clothes Airer 16m Washing Line Drying Rack Clothes Airer
Colouring Book – My Heart is Like A Singing Bird It’s great to have a selection of things to amuse yourself on wet days.  There’s hundreds of different themes and designs to choose from – this once is based around inspirational quotes – great to lift spirits on a wet day. My Heart is Like A Singing Bird
European Map We mainly rely on tech to plan our routes – but sometimes it’s easier to get a better overview of a route using a good old fashioned paper map.  Although this map is quite large we find it stores nicely under one of our seat cushions. 2021 Philip’s Big Road Atlas Europe: (A3 Spiral binding)
Footrest (Kampa) We use our Kampa reclining chairs the most and have purchased footrest which clip on for extra comfort when chilling. Kampa footrest
Ground Pegs – drill in 30 x Drill in heavy duty tent/awning pegs – suitable for grass, rock or hard ground (with free drill adapter – much easier than the hammer in ones 😊 Drill in tent pegs
Inflatable Kayak We have previously had moulded kayaks and loved them however we realised that from our weight and storage point of view they would not be suitable to take with us on our adventures.  So we put them up for sale and look for a suitable replacement.  As with everything there is a wide choice of inflatable kayaks available, ranging from under £100 to north of £1,000 and beyond.  After a bit of research we decided to go for a 3 man vessel giving us more leg room and to something that felt sturdy and durable – the last think we wanted to do was to get a puncture whilst out on the river or in the middle of the lake.  The Sevylor weighs just under 18kg and comes in a carry case making it more portable.  We have had great fun using our kayak on several rivers and lakes on our travels including Lake Annecy which was an amazing experience and comes highly recommended! Sevylor Hudson 3 Person Kayak
Kindle I have had my Kindle for several years and would not be without it.  They are the perfect solution to have your own personal library at your finger tips whilst travelling. Kindle Paperwhite
Levelling ramps Mr B can’t sleep unless our van is as level as possible – we aren’t fortunate to have an automatic level system so these are the next best thing.

I think when the time comes to replace them we will look at getting the 4 step version

Milenco Triple Motorhome Levelling Ramp Set




Milenco Quattro Motorhome Levelling Ramp Set

LPG adaptors A must have accessory if you intend to travel abroad and have a refillable gas system LPG adaptors
Paint pens – acrylic Another easily portable hobby I enjoy is rock painting.  When it comes to pain pens there’s hundreds of different makes and colours to choose from.  I have found this set good value especially as the tips are double ended with two difference thicknesses. Premium Acrylic Paint Pens
Sock/ small clothes airer Small clothes airer – or as we call it the underwear chandelier.  Great for drying small items on – we hang it in our shower or on wing mirror when not on a site.
JVL Folding Sock Dryer Complete with 20-Piece Clothes Pegs
Folding small airer
Step Annoyingly our Adria does not come with an electric doorstep and as far as I am aware it is not possible to retrofit one.  There’s whole range of makes and models available but we have found this one to be sturdy yet not too heavy.  It’s been going strong for almost 3 years – we left our first one a coffee stop in the Alps on our first trip! Fiamma Heavy Duty Motorhome Camping Step
Sun umbrella Great for taking to the beach, on a picnic or outside your van if you don’t want to use wind out awning. SONGMICS 160 cm Parasol, Beach Umbrella, UV50+,
Table – folding Like chairs we have had several different tables over the last few years.  We have found that we have ended up using this one the most.  It is lightweight, height adjustable and has a hole for a sun umbrella should you have one. 4FT 1.2M Folding Camping Table
Wifi Booster A great piece of kit to help you to connect to any Wi-Fi in your area.  It will help with just out of range campsite Wi-Fi and allow you to connect multiple devices – meaning you would need to only pay for one campsite Wi-Fi pass if its not offered for free. Solwise wifi router/booster
Yoga mats I could lie and claim that we spend hours using our mats for yoga and meditation sadly that’s not the case, but we do find these mats great for taking on the beach or a picnic. Yoga Mat


Citric Acid A natural de-scaler – we use it a couple times a year to de-scale the boiler. Citric Acid
Dyson handheld hoover Not cheap, but having tried two others previously ,including a VAX, we have found this one much better. Dyson Handheld Hoover
Extending washing brush Great for cleaning your pride and joy Extending washing brush
Fenwicks scratch remover Great for buffing out small scratches in plastic windows. Fenwicks Windowize Scratch Remover
Fenwicks waste tank /drain cleaner This helps to remove/eliminate the build up of bad odours in the waste tank. Fenwicks waste tank/ drain cleaner
Puri Clean For cleaning and sterilising the hot and cold freshwater system. We usually do this a couple of times a year or sooner if tank has been filled with non-potable water. Puri Clean
Toilet tablets We find these more convenient than liquid especially when on the road.  One of the best we have found so far. Walex Camper Porta Pak® Fresh Scent


Walex Green Camper Bio-Pak Fresh Natural Enzyme toilet additive

Water hose connector cap Makes life easier when filling up your fresh water tank – removes the necessity to dangle a potentially dirty hose into your tank. Fresh water hose connector cap
Window Clips Replacement window clips for Horrex Blinds Horrex blind clips
Windscreen wiper stands Ideal for stopping the wipers sticking to the screen when stationary for long periods thus preventing the build up of dust and dirt on the blades that can cause scratches on initial start up. Windscreen wiper stands



Bed slats Our motorhome has been in almost constant use for over 3 years -recently we noticed we were waking with stiff backs so were considering replacing our mattresses.  However, on inspection we noticed that some of our bed slats had lost their curve.  We therefore thought we would replace them – there is a marked difference – no more stiff backs and are currently still using original mattresses.  There are various widths available and they can be pre-cut to required length.  We choose to replace with slightly wider than original slats. Replacement bed slats
Slat holders
Dashboard white dials Fiat Ducato 2015 onwards (Automatic UK Model Only) White Dials. – We struggled to see the standard black dials (speedo, rev counter etc) – these are a huge improvement White Speedo Dials
Double fridge fan In our opinion a must fit for all 3 way fridges, especially if you use your motorhome in temperatures in excess of 25c. Double fridge fan


Gas bottle filling level indicator Gas bottle filling level indicator for propane gas bottles 5,11,33 kg – great to working out when you next need to fill up Gas bottle filling level indicator
LED Headlight Bulbs LED headlight bulb – MOT safe.  These bulbs have been checked by an MOT inspector using their beam pattern checked and exactly replicate the original halogen bulbs. Dipped beam bulbs


Main beam bulbs

Stabiliser legs If your budget doesn’t stretch to a hydraulic self-levelling system – these may help.  They are easily fitted to the rear chassis of your motorhome and will almost eliminate any unintentional “rock n roll” at the back of the van 😉 Wind down stabiliser legs
Shower plug/waste
Reich Right Angled Sink Waste 39 mm –
Unfortunately, both of our plugs/waste in our shower tray disintegrated (Adria) – they were also quite small so sourced a slightly large replacement Shower plug/waste
Thetford Toilet Extractor Fan Thetford’s version of the SOG system helps to keep the living are smelling fresh and aids with breakdown process. Thetford Toilet Extractor Fan