Storage boxes
We use these great little IKEA Storage Boxes boxes throughout our motorhome, but find them especially useful for storing our favourite clothing in the lockers above our bed.


Packing Cubes
We use these Packing Cubes to store clothes that we aren’t currently using on a daily basis. They come in a variety of colours meaning that each member of can have their own colour thus being able to identify their clothes bag at a glance.


Mattress Topper
Our Adria Matrix 670SL has fixed single beds at the back which convert to a huge king size bed using foam infills. Like a lot of motorhomes the beds are just pieces of foam. After a while we found that we both were suffering from backache so decided to try these Memory Foam Mattress Topper with cover, 3 inch. Whilst not as comfortable as a sprung mattress the toppers have definitely helped us have a more comfortable night’s sleep.