Christmas is on the horizon!

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By God hasn’t 2020 been a strange and unforgettable year (for all the wrong reasons)?!  I heard on the radio yesterday that winter begins in a few days (based on the metrological definition), although my sorry joints and the urge to hibernate under my duvet tell me that it must have started some weeks ago!  In any case as a whole season has passed since my last post I thought I would bash out a quick up date.

After finishing a short contract at a campsite in North Devon our plan had been to head off for the rest of the winter to sunnier climes.  However, Bojo & Co had other ideas, unfortunately our departure from Devon inconveniently clashed with Lockdown No.2.  Our back up plan was to head to our winter seasonal pitch in Norfolk, however the site was unsure whether they could take us at first as typically the Government guidelines weren’t made available until the 11th hour.  After a brief stopover in Cheltenham, which afforded a bonus visit to my longest known friend, we received the welcome news that we could spend lockdown in Norfolk.  So off we trundled to set up base in our 4th county this year.

The site is located a couple of miles from Sandringham – if the area is good enough for Her Majesty it’s good enough for us – just waiting for the Christmas invite 😉  Being Norfolk its very flat, the total opposite and a refreshing change from the ridiculously steep hills around Lynton & Lynmouth.  We haven’t ever spent a lot of time in Norfolk, although we did meet in Great Yarmouth many moons ago, and have been pleasantly surprised by the beautiful coastline and lovely towns and villages.  On dry days we have been making a concerted effort to get out and about for our daily exercise.  On one such excursion we discovered that there is a lovely cycle path directly from the campsite to the beach and RSPB nature reserve at Snettisham.  Although Sandringham is currently shut to public the country park is open and has a couple of circular routes through woods, a pleasant way to spend a few hours trying to top up our vitamin D and clear the cobwebs away..  Hunstanton, the only westerly facing beach in the area, has blessed us with some stunning sunsets, a couple of which can be seen below.  One of the highlights of our stay to date has been seeing hundreds of seals and their pups basking in the sun at Horsey Gap – a truly wonderful experience.

We have spent the last month or so trying to decide whether to head to the sun as soon as rules allow or stay put, we change our minds on a daily basis, but at the time of “penning” this blog the current thinking is that we will hit “the Tunnel” before the end of December when we suspect the next lock down is likely to kick in. I strongly believe life is all about choices and although I know many won’t necessarily agree with this particular choice I think choices should be based on what feels right for you and your circumstances.  Who knows where my next blog post will be written – watch this space.  Anyway before all that we have the big C to deal with – which I have just realised is only 26 days away – it doesn’t seem possible does it?  This will be our first UK Christmas for 4 years, its a shame we won’t be able to spend the time with all the family and friends we would like to.  We plan to spend a few quiet days with our daughter in Kent, eating and drinking too much and using technology to catch up with everyone else.

Lastly a shameless plug – if you are are struggling to find ideas for Christmas pressies for that motorhomer in your life  our Useful Items List may give you a few ideas.

Stay safe everyone and here’s to a healthy and less restricted 2021 x


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