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Exploring ways to earn some cash during the Pandemic

During the Covid 19 pandemic money has been a huge worry for many people – us included.  We had secured contracts to work as campsite wardens this summer, unfortunately due to the pandemic these were cancelled before they started.

Suddenly finding ourselves with no income on the horizon, falling through nearly every crack in the benefits system, and our meagre savings dwindling, we needed to find a solution- and fast!  After scouring the recruitment websites, it seemed what little work was available was either for supermarkets or in the care sector.  After carefully considering our personal health we felt both could put us at higher risk than we felt comfortable taking – so back to the drawing board!  We had also both sent applications for summer fruit picking jobs.  According to the media the farms were crying out for help, but we received zero response to our applications; maybe it was destiny as I’m not sure our ageing, unfit bodies would have survived the assault!

Fortunately, a month ago our luck changed when I managed to secure a temp contract which I can do remotely from our motorhome.  Unfortunately, Stuart has not been so lucky.

Then during a video call with our daughter she suggested Stuart take a look at match betting, mainly to keep him occupied while I was working; apparently, she had previously managed to make or £1K doing it.

Doing Matched betting is a safe and proven way to make money completely risk free  – True or False? Read on to find out …

I had never heard of match betting and I must confess I was very sceptical at first, but she explained that it was possible to have a free trial with Profit Accumulator which could easily return up to £45.  Profit Accumulator is a one stop shop providing all the latest sports, casino and reload offers, full access to a forum and lots of online resources to get you started.

Stuart studied all the videos and info he could find on the subject and decided to give it a go.  He returned £38 on his trial bets at which point he decided to sign up to the monthly subscription.  If you take a look here you can find out exactly what match betting is and how it all works What Is Matched Betting?

*WARNING*   When done correctly Match betting is risk free, BUT if you do it wrong it can cost you real money. Make sure you research it properly.

The monthly subscription to Profit Accumulator is currently £17.99 which can be cancelled at any time.  If you follow this link to sign up to Profit Accumulator you will get £20 and so will we (paid at the end of your second full month) – so in effect you will have a free month’s subscription.

At the time of writing this blog post it is just over 3 weeks since my husband started his match betting “career” his profits are £600 – this is tax free and legal.  Happy days 😊

How to make some extra money

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