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Heading along the Algarve we stopped at Praia De Velha, a delightful little cove that we found last year. The weather has been warm and sunny just right for perfecting a tan, or in my case adding to various tan lines, I already have acquired. Mr B commented that I am beginning to look like one of those optical illusion paintings – how rude!

Praia de Velha

Stunning sunsets

After a couple of days, we dragged ourselves away to stock the fridge and do the laundry. Lucky for us the local Intermarché has washers and dryers outside the store allowing us to kill two birds with one stone. We manage to get all the chores done and have a spot of lunch in double quick time so decide to head up the west coast towards Comporta. Our stop for the night is overlooking Praia de Odeceixe. The honey coloured coves of the Algarve have been replaced by a much more rugged coastline. As we watch the sunset over the bay we both comment on how it reminds us of the Cornish coast.


Tomorrow is forecast to be another warm day, but maybe a bit winded so we plan to head further up the coast to a lagoon in the hope that it may be a little more sheltered. There is also a restaurant there so being Valentine’s Day we may dine out – you never know.

When your travelling it’s not always easy to buy gifts and cards. Also we spent over two years getting rid of most of our worldly goods, these days everything needs to be useful to earn it’s space in our compact abode. I used a little bit of improvisation for Mr B’s Valentine’s gift!

We arrived at Lagoa de André just before lunch and on arrival, we headed straight out to check out the area. You are spoilt for choice here with a lagoon on one side and a wild Atlantic beach on the other. Strolling back to the van for a spot of lunch we decided we were a little dehydrated so stopped off at the little beachside restaurant to rectify the problem.

Then it was back to the beach for a post-lunch snooze – unfortunately not quite as relaxing as we had hoped as we were joined by lots of sand flies who decided my legs were quite tasty!

Lagoa de André

One of the beauties of having a home on wheels is that if a spot doesn’t fit the bill you can move to another. So that’s exactly what we did – next stop Comporta. Comporta can be found at the base of the Tróia Peninsula along the Sado estuary. The area boasts 12km of unspoiled beaches and is considered a hidden gem, favoured by several ‘A-listers’. After having read several articles about the area I was keen to take a look. By now it was late afternoon when we arrived at this beach spot. We were greeted by a stunning beach flanked by sand dunes. There are two beachside bar/restaurants, but only Cafe Comporta was open. A perfect spot to watch the sun go down, but its privileged position is clearly reflected in the prices!

Comporta beach

View from a Comporta Cafe

A quick check on TripAdvisor showed that we would be better heading into the town to find a restaurant so we moved for our the 3rd time today (very itchy feet today!) to a free aire in the town square. We choose A Cegonha, a typical Portuguese restaurant, a few minutes walk from the aire. The restaurant was packed with locals, always a good sign. I had Rock Bass and Mr B had steak. Both were good, although not outstanding nonetheless a night off from cooking in the van is always welcomed.

The plan had been to get our bikes out and explore the Tróia Peninsula however we were greeted by fairly high winds so decided to take the van instead.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any suitable parking spots so decided to head to Óbidos instead.  We had visited this pretty little town a few years ago and fell in love with it. 

Obidos is one of the finest examples of a Portuguese walled town. It is a magnet for tourists who are drawn there to explore the narrow cobbled streets, traditionally painted houses, and the imposing medieval castle. Historically, Obidos was presented to the Queen of Portugal on her wedding day, a tradition that began with Queen Urraca in 1214 and continued until the 19th century. This time of year it is a little quieter than when we previously visited during the summer.  It was good to have the time and space to fully enjoy this characterful little town.


We spent a pleasant couple of hours wandering around but have to admit although I didn’t miss the crowds I did miss the bougainvillea and flowers that are abundant in June.

Always drawn to coast we settled by chance at a fantastic little camper stop Casa Da Duna nr. Salir do Porto.  After a hectic couple of travelling days, I have grounded Mr B and insisted that we stay put for at least 2 nights before we head for the hustle and bustle of Porto.

Next stop Porto 😊

View from our door at Casa Da Duna

Deserted beach Salir do Porto

Praia da Galha

Multi coloured cliffs – reminiscent of Alum Bay I.O.W

Odeceixe: N37 26′ 16″ W8 47′ 54″
Lagoa de André: N38 6′ 46″  W8 47′ 49″
Comporta beach: N38 22′ 58″ W8 47′ 59″
Comporta village: N38 22 40″ W8 47′ 8″ – free aire with emptying/water
Obidos: N39 21′ 32″ W9 9′ 24″
Salir do Porto – N39 30′ 2″ W9 9′ 3″- Amigos da Casa Da Dune €7pn with EHU

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