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After 10 days chilling and recovering from our cold bugs at Mikki’s Place (Pêra) our feet were beginning to get itchy. We loved the relaxed vibe and even made it to the bar a few times on our last few evenings there – a sure sign we were on the road to recovery 🙂 It’s a great base, especially if you have bikes – the electric motor was definitely a godsend on a few of the hills on my solo jaunts out to Albufeira and Lagoa. We enjoyed swapping stories with our temporary neighbours Annie & Scottie – blog updated especially for you 🙂 and Morag & William.

Our pitch at Mikkis – loved the astro-turf

A warm day was forecast so after stocking up on provisions we managed to travel a whole 2kms back to Armação de Pêra for a spot of sunbathing in one of the nearby coves. After overlooking this little town for years this spot seems to now have a magnetic draw for us, especially table 13 at Pedro’s! After a quick freshen up we decided to visit the local Indian, Bollywood which Michelle had recommended to us. We weren’t disappointed I have to say it’s the best curry I have tasted for a long time.

Next stop was Lagos, which we had briefly visited for a few hours by bike on our last trip. We headed to spot by the marina where we found Tony & Marion. After a few hours catching up on the glorious beach, a domino re-match was scheduled – Mr B was victorious making it 2-0 to the Blackledges, despite the pre-match practising by Tony & Marion!

Meia Praia, Lagos
Domino League

I managed a few hours hobbling round the town the following day, but my ankle was complaining bitterly by the time we returned to the van. The plan for the evening was to visit a local all you can eat BBQ restaurant a stone’s through from our parking spot. However, during the afternoon some of our temporary neighbours displayed more and more camping behaviour with tables, chairs and even a tent appearing so we were a little concerned that the GNR would visit and tell everyone to leave. In the end we all took an executive decision to head up to the Aire at the top of town to be on the safe side.

We booked a taxi and all headed to a Cafe Retiro Da Trindade, recommended by Tony & Marion. If you like modern, sleek restaurants this little venue would probably not be for you. However, if you want to taste good honest Portuguese food and wine at a sensible price this is definitely worth a visit. I choose fish Cataplana which I shared with Marion. A cataplana takes its name from the Moorish designed copper-domed dish it was originally cooked in. The dish was first introduced into the Algarve region of Southern Portugal way back in the 8th century. The dish was oozing with flavour from the various fish and shellfish, accompanied with sliced potatoes – highly recommended. Mr B chose the hot iron steak and was presented with a huge chunk of steak, with garlic and various sauces with a hot iron enabling him to cook it to his exact requirements. The result was melt in the mouth steak for the princely sum of €11.50. Great food & company 🙂

Cataplana – oozing with fresh fish and shellfish 😋
DIY steak

Before heading off from Lagos we finally got to meet up with fellow Adria Matrix owners Wilma & Dave. They started their travels a year ago. They kindly picked us up in their car end we headed to the marina for a coffee. We have been following each other on Facebook and found ourselves chatting over coffee for a few hours like we had known each other for years. I’m sure we will get to catch up again a some point.

Well, the weather looks fairly good for the next few weeks when we really will have to start thinking about heading north and back to the UK to start our next adventure. The “plan” is to make the most of the good weather and do our best to keep our vitamin D levels topped up. It will be tough, but we will give it our best shot!

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Angie and George (Scottie) · March 20, 2019 at 10:07

It was lovely to meet you both At Mikki’s place and agree it is a very chilled out site, just what we like. Being only our second time in Portugal we are still a bit nervous of trying Portuguese food, thank you for recommending the cafe Retiro da Trindade, one to bookmark for the future. We pootled back into Spain before like you we turned our wheels north and eventually home.
Hope our paths cross again in the not too distant future.

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