Extraction, painkillers & ice

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Spent last night just outside Mojácar ready for my dental appointment. To avert my mind a little I took a short walk along the beach and came across Torre Del Pirulico – a watchtower built between 12-14C. It was restored in 2009 and if you are feeling fit and brave enough you climb to the top – warning the internal staircase is very small – not good for a slight claustrophobic. Well I am pleased to say I braved it and glad that I did – the few from the top was amazing.

View from the 1st level

View from the top

Apparently the area was used as a location for the film Treasure Island.

Well today was extraction day! All went according to plan. Stocked up with half a pharmacy we retraced our steps to our new favourite beach spot where have spent the often day dreaming out of the window. Hopefully we will be back on the road tomorrow – destination unknown!

Not a great night pain wise so we decide to spend another day chilling. Mid morning I decided to step out of the van for some fresh air and disaster strikes – my right ankle gave way and twisted badly and now looks like it has an egg attached to it! So annoying especially as my left ankle that I dislocated back in the summer is almost healed. I think I need to be wrapped in bubble wrap. So another day chilling with plenty of ice and elevation in the hope of averting a trip to A&E. I know I wanted to experience real life in Spain, but a trip to the police station and several trips to the dentist is more than enough for this trip. Fingers crossed 😊

Looking slightly less swollen after R.I.C.E

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