3 Kings, a desert & hidden gems

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Laundry up to date – launderette with a cafe/bar right next door – how civilised. Tooth not feeling too bad so we decided to head to Almeria for The 3 Kings Parade, held in towns throughout Spain on the evening before
Dia de los Reyes (The Day of the Kings) on 6th January. En route we stopped at Los Millares where the remains of a a copper age town can be found. The site is spread out over several miles with a visitor centre that has a most of the information about the site in English as well as Spanish, which is always a bonus! The site is only open until 2pm Wed-Sun true to form we didn’t arrive until after midday so only managed to see a fraction of the site.

Our parking spot in Almeria was at the port which offers a central base for visiting the city. We spent the afternoon pottering round the city. The parade was due to start at 7pm, however it didn’t reach us until around 8.45pm, by which time we were surrounded by a lot of over tired ninos:-) The parade was quite different to the parade we watched last year in Benidorm, but was equally as captivating.

The next few days were a little warmer so we spent them at a couple of beach-side spots near Roquetas de Mar. Just as we were packing up to leave we realised that were parked a few vans along from one of the members of a Facebook Motorhome group (Phil Wadsworth) we are also members of and had been commenting on the same post moments before – small world! We spent a very pleasant couple of hours swapping stories over coffee with Phil and Julie – social media does have some benefits!

We love the diversity that our home on wheels affords us, after a few beach days we fancied a change of scenery so headed inland to Pechina. The parking spot was an old western film set, with a Game Of Thrones set just along the track. As the sun set against the beautiful rugged mountains (Sierra de Alhamilla) we pinched ourselves, still to believing after nearly two years that this is not all a dream.

GOT starring “Trinny”

Sadly my tooth is still giving me gip so reluctantly I have made an appointment back in Mojacar to have it extracted on 15th January – ouch! So we have decided to gradually poodle back that way. After a little research, we found a beautiful little cove – sorry not sharing this one 😉 it definitely makes my top three fav spots. That evening we were invited by Maggie & Jeff to an impromptu soiree beside a campfire on the beach. We spent a fantastic evening under the stars chatting to them and their friends Chris and Joanne.

Although the wind got up the next day the sun was still shining so we spent the next few days chilling in our newly found mini heaven until lack of water etc forced us to leave.

Mini heaven

The next few days were spent on a nearby camping site Los Escullos, where Maggie & Jeff have spent the last few months. Domestic duties finished we headed out on our bikes to The Caldera de Majada Redonda. We managed to cycle probably half of the route, walking the remainder into the centre of the crater left by the redundant volcano. The route is rich with beautiful flora and fauna and strangely a rusty old car full of stones – the paths were barely wide enough for a bikes in places so how on earth a car managed to reach that spot lord only knows. Once we reached the centre we took a few minutes to take it all in; I have to say it felt very strange standing in the middle of an extinct volcano. Jeff had told us that he had seen amethysts along the route – unfortunately, we weren’t lucky enough to see any. Nevertheless, we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We then cycled to the next cove La Isleta, beautiful, but very windy. We met our new friends in the campsite bar for happy hour, food, followed by dominos – what a great night.

View from inside volcano

Would love to know the story behind this car

La Isleta

Next stop Mojacar for the dentist tomorrow – wish me luck!


Almeria – N36 49′ 56″ W2 27′ 56″ – port secure parking €6,55 for 24 hrs

Roquetas de Mar N36 47′ 30″ W2 35′ 12″ & N36 46′ 28″ W2 36′ 5″

Pechina N36 57′ 7″ W2 24′ 13″

Los Escullos Camping  N36 48′ 10″  W2 4′ 39″ – € 20 pn with ASCI card

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