Beautiful scenery & dirty laundry 

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Costa Azahar

Well as today the sun has gone into hiding and its been raining (yes rain!) on and off most of the day it has provided the perfect opportunity to update you all.  

After a few glorious few days chilling at one of our favourite little hideaways just south of Cambrils domestic chores forced us to move onwards.  After checking out the Park4Night app we found a free service area to empty/fill near Deltebre with a Lidl nearby – two birds one stone – perfect.  With the laundry pile beginning to fill our garage we also needed to find a launderette.  Mr Google told me there was one not far away so we were confident that all our domestic duties would be done and dusted in one day meaning we could then head off to enjoy more appealing pursuits.  However after pacing up and down the street where it was supposed to be the said launderette proved to be elusive.   Hmm, I guess the washing would just have to wait a little longer.  Hunger pangs were getting stronger so we stopped briefly at Vinaros for a quick bite to eat.  Batteries recharged a little we headed to Benicarlo where we found what was billed as a quiet spot next to the beach at the end of town; the beach it was next to wasn’t the prettiest and it turned out not to be that quiet.  However, as it wasn’t long off sunset we decided it would be ok for one night and took a quick stroll to the marina and the town.

The weather forecast was set to warm and sunny for the next few days so we decided we didn’t really fancy wasting any more time looking for a launderette so a campsite it would have to be.   On top that there were two national holidays this week (6th December Constitution Day & 8th December Inmaculada Concepción) and we know that the police often clamp down on “wild camping” during holidays.  We had briefly stayed at
Alcossebre earlier in the year and it was on our list of places to return to  however the Aire where we had stayed previously didn’t appear to have laundry facilities so we chose Camping Ribamar, located on the edge of the Natural Park of Serra d’Irta.  The park covers 20km between Peniscola and Alcossbre made up of pine woodland, interspersed with little coves all against a mountainous backdrop. 

A small word of warning Camping Ribamar is located 2km along a very rough road, no tarmac in sight, but it’s certainly worth it.  We aren’t huge fans of campsites, especially large ones where the pitches are often barely adequate and give the feeling of a sardine can.  On arrival, we were given a warm welcome at reception where we were told to take a look round, choose our pitch and let them which one we wanted.  As we wandered around the site had a lovely calm feeling and the pitches were a good size and were all fully serviced.  We choose our pitch and got settled.   We were greeted by a few other couples who had visited the site every year for several years, one of which stayed for 6 months at a time, we could see how that could be appealing for those who liked to feel settled.  The site was spotless and think have the best showers I have come across so far.  There is also a great pool, which would a great place to chill in the summer months.   On our first evening, we treated ourselves to dinner in the restaurant, swordfish for me and pizza for Mr B followed dessert and a few drinks – total bill €33.

We spent the next 4 days exploring the area both on foot and on our bikes. We had picnics in tiny little coves that we had to ourselves and generally chilled making the most of the glorious weather.  We also managed to squeeze our laundry duties in so now have a clean batch of clothes.  Our time at Ribamar flew by and it would have been so easy to stay a lot longer, but our daughter is flying out to see next week so we need to head towards to Alicante so time to pack up and head off.  We bid farewell to our neighbours Ian and Sue – well Ian as Sue was still in bed – someone who gets up later than us!  Next stop the mountains.  


Vinaros – free parking N40 28′ 25″ E0 28′ 49

Benicarlo – free parking N40 25′ 4″ E0 26′ 11″

Alcossbre – Camping Ribamar €19 pn with ACSI card

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