And we’re off!

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The summer has flown by and we have been kept occupied with weddings and a temp job I also managed to pick up. Having spent October catching up with family and friends, medical appointments and getting Trinny ready our feet had become extremely itchy so when the day for our next adventure to start couldn’t come soon enough.

Last Thursday we headed off to Canterbury for an early birthday/Christmas dinner with our daughter and spent the night tucked up on the park & ride (Canterbury’s answer to an Aire – £7 which includes a bus to and from the city centre).

And we’re off!

We arrived early at the tunnel and managed to get an earlier train. The weather en France was less than pleasant coupled with the delays caused by the ‘gilet juene” made for a tiring drive. As darkness fell we decided to call it a day and stopped at an Aire we had previously visited last summer. Broglie. A brief break in the weather enabled us to take a quick stroll around the village.

gilet juene

Saturday was gloomy so was spent on the road. We saw a brief appearance of the sun whilst we stopped for a bacon butty parked in the village of, which appears to have a huge church and town hall and nothing else! Back on the road, we made it as far as we both felt nauseous and had stomach cramps so got an early night. Next stop Bordeaux where we had planned to potter for the afternoon, but as I still felt unwell we scrubbed that idea and headed off to find un lac and found a great little spot in the forest with a lake in front.  We had a very peaceful night , but things got a little noisier in the morning when the fighter jets started their morning training.

La Teste Du Buch

After popping to le supermarche for supplies we headed to the other side of the lake and settled a great little spot behind the sand dunes (only possible from the beginning of November when the 2m height barrier is removed for the winter. Monday was declared a chill day. After a spot of lunch, we took a lovely walk along the beach before heading back to Trinny to continue our Netflix binge.

La Teste du Buch – ocean side

Away reasonably early for us (before midday) in the direction of San Sebastián, but first a slight detour back to the supermarket in search of my missing croc. Mr B humoured me and on arrival at the car park, I was rewarded with the sight of my lone croc – no more hopping in the shower!

Lone Croc

Looking up the map we decided to treat ourselves with toll roads today – saving ourselves an hour or so, but leaving our budget €20 lighter. We arrived at our chosen camper stop, not particularly pretty but at €3.30 for all services (no EHU) and on the bus route into the city the ideal base for exploring.

Once settled we took the bus into town. There are several that go that way 33,40,5 and cost €1.75 each way. We use an app called Moovit which is great to help with public transport routes – it even tells when to get off the bus at your chosen stop.  We got off in the old town and strolled up to the small harbour, stopping for a cana and coffee (a proper one at last!) in the cafe at the aquarium, whiling away half an hour or more admiring the beautiful view over the La Concha Bay.  Afterwards, we headed back to the old town for an explore and were greeted by dozens of little bars and restaurants displaying row upon row of mouthwatering Pintxos, the Basque Country’s answer to tapas.  In the end, we decided to hunt out Bar Sport which was highly rated on Trip Advisor, we weren’t disappointed.  We chose the beef cheeks and baby squid filled with crab  (which even Mr B braved) from the specials menu along a couple of pintxos from the main menu.  All were delicious, I think the beef cheeks were probably the most tender meat I have ever eaten – highly recommended.

Baby Squid stuffed with crab

Mr B trying Beef Cheeks

As the forecast was good we decided to stay another day.  This time we took to our bikes to explore the city and surrounding areas.  The city has excellent cycle routes making it the perfect way to get around.  We then headed to the west of the city planning to take the funicular up to the top of Monte Igeldo.  Unfortunately, it was closed so we decided to cycle up to the top instead, most thankful of our batteries!  At the top we were rewarded view back towards La Concha Bay.

Cycling round San Sebastian with ‘Rainor’

View from Monte Igeldo

La Concha Bay

Well, that’s the first week done and dusted, you never know there may even be more instalments of our adventures to come if I don’t become too distracted or lazy!


Canterbury: N 51, 15′, 41″ E 1, 6′ 1″ (£7)

Broglie:  N 49, 0′ 24″ E 0 31′ 50″  (listed as €6 but free when we stayed)

Chateau  L’Hermitage N 47 48′ 10″ E 0 10′ 40″

Chalais N 46 57′ 32″ E 0 6′ 17″ (free with EHU, no water/emptying off season)

Bordeaux N 44 53′ 6″  W 0 33′ 47″

La Teste De Buch (lake side) N 44 31′ 15″ W 1 10′ 37″

La Test De Buch (ocean side) N 44 33′ 32″ W 1 14′ 27″

San Sebastian N 43 18′ 7″ W 2 0′ 54″ (€3.30  per 24 hrs full services, no EHU)

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