How to make some extra money

Jobless in the Forest

Exploring ways to earn some cash during the Pandemic During the Covid 19 pandemic money has been a huge worry for many people – us included.  We had secured contracts to work as campsite wardens this summer, unfortunately due to the pandemic these were cancelled before they started. Suddenly finding Read more…


Wild west, detours and A&E

As it’s a little bit gloomy here in the Algarve today, although we can’t complain when our newsfeeds from home this morning have been filled with the white stuff, it seems like a good opportunity to catch up on the ‘ole blog. Being a little incapacitated by my ankle injury Read more…


Santas, candles & policía

Well my good intentions of keeping the blog up to date have gone out of the window somewhat – I think I’m about 3 weeks behind so here goes …. After leaving Camping Ribamar we headed to Montanejos “hot” springs after seeing a post by a fellow traveller on Facebook. Read more…