How much does it cost to tour Europe in a motorhome?

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I guess if you are reading this blog post you are trying to find out how much it will cost to tour France, Spain and Portugal for several months at a time. Before we set off we too were keen to get an idea of how much we would spend, but of course, it’s rather like asking “how long is a piece of string”.  Your trip and costs will be unique to you, but during the time we were away, we tried to keep a rough note of what we were spending.  On this particular trip, we didn’t have a strict budget as it was our 50th birthday present to each other so while we didn’t go mad we didn’t let finance stop us from doing what we fancied.  Unfortunately, we will be on more of a budget on future trips so it is useful to see where our money went.

We left the UK on 9th November 2017 and returned 156 days later.  We booked our ticket on the Eurotunnel only a few days before we departed so were unable to use our Tesco Clubcard Vouchers.  Each voucher is worth 3 times the value against a Eurotunnel ticket so if you regularly shop in Tescos it’s a great way to save some money on your crossing cost.  However, you need to book at least 2 weeks prior to departure.  We booked a single ticket as we weren’t sure of our exact return date.  When we were ready to return we booked a single ticket back.  From memory, it cost us about £120 each way.  We had contemplated going by ferry to Calais, which would have been cheaper or even Santander which would have saved the long drive through France, but Nicola suffers from travel sickness so we decided against it.

Spending 9th Nov 17-26 April 18
% per day      € Notes
Restaurants/Bars 2,147 24 13.76 Mainly lunches – cheapest Menu Del Dia = Evora €6.50 for 3 courses and wine/beer
Groceries 2,086 23 13.37 We used a mix of Lidl, Carrefour & other local supermarkets incl. booze
Diesel 1,353 15 8.67 Cheapest diesel Gibraltar/Luxembourg under 1€ per litre, most expensive at around 1.40€ was in France.  We forgot to make a note of our total mileage, but as we average 23mpg (5mpl) and assuming we purchased around 1,000 litres of diesel we did around 5,000 miles (8,046km)
Campsites/Aires 1,317 15 8.44 65 nights campsites & 26 paid aires (65 nights free parking). We used ACSI card where possible
Tourist – entrances, activities 877 10 5.62 Includes para gliding Lake Annecy 250€
Misc 592 7 3.79 Includes clothing, bits n pieces from Chinese shops (fatal)
LPG 190 2 1.22 LPG was around 0.65€
Laundry 156 2 1.00 We did our laundry every 7-10 days either on a site or at Laundromat often a petrol stations average cost for wash and dry €10
Public transport, taxis 114 1 0.73 We mainly used our electric bikes except when visiting cities, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville where we stayed outside the city and used buses.  We used a couple of taxis back from partying in Benidorm!
Tolls 72 1 0.46 We mostly stuck to non-tolls roads except when we wanted to save time 
TOTAL                             8,904   57.08  



Carol · August 19, 2018 at 10:50

Thanks for sharing this. I think it is interesting, although only slightly useful, to see how other people spend their money on long-term trips. It is swings and roundabouts isn’t it. We spend a similar average per day but do less of the lunches out than you and more of the campsites. Our groceries spending is about the same but we spend less on tourist activities. Happy travelling in the future. I have added you to my blog following list.

    adriamatrix · September 4, 2018 at 12:40

    You’re welcome. Like you say it’s very subjective – every trip will be unique. Safe, happy travels to you too 🙂

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