How to use less water in your motorhome shower

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If you have spent more than a few days in a motorhome off grid you will have soon learnt that the water in your freshwater tank is your number one commodity and doesn’t last very long, especially if there are 2 or more people on board taking showers.

When we are travelling we like to spend as much time as possible avoiding campsites.  After all, we have all the facilities we need on board including a shower, but need to try and eek out the water as long as possible.  Having been used to a power shower we found the shower in our Adria Matrix a little underpowered, to say the least.  As ladies with long or thick hair will appreciate you need a good water jet to thoroughly get the conditioner out of your hair and I’m afraid the original shower head just didn’t cut it.

Mr B loves a challenge so spent time scouring the internet for a solution.  He eventually came across the Mibote Ionic Shower Head.  Yes, it looks good, but how will it save me water? I hear you say.

Instead of having large holes the shower spray plate on the Mibote Iconic Shower Head has hundreds of tiny holes.  This has the effect of both reducing water usage by up to 30% and increasing pressure.  The handle of the showerhead contains bio-active stones which create a  filtration system.   This system purportedly removes chlorine and harmful chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, rust and odour from your shower water.   Not being scientists we have no way of confirming this, however, Mr B decided to run a little unscientific test to show the power of the water jet compared to the original shower head.

Still not convinced?  Take a look short clip below and you will see the difference.

Original shower head -v- Mibote Ionic shower head

The shower head retails just under £9 which in our opinion is excellent value.  We have had our shower head for just over a year and am pleased to say it is still going strong.  Of course, the shower head isn’t limited to motorhome use it is a standard shower head fitting so would be perfect for home use as well.

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