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Help I need more SPACE!

Anyone who owns or has spent any amount of time living in a motorhome will know that space is of a premium.  Whether there is just 2 of you or your children and pets are along for the ride too I guarantee you it will take a little time to fully adjust to “living in a box…  a small metal box”.

Disclaimer:  This document does contain Amazon affiliated links – for those who don’t know this means should you purchase anything via the links we will receive a tiny commission (usually pennies which goes towards the cost of running our blog.

We took ownership of our small metal box, an Adria Matrix just over three and a half years ago ago and have lived in it most of the time since then. We have spent roughly half that time travelling and the other half stationery whilst working (unfortunately needs must!).  During this time our storage and space solutions have continued to evolve, it’s an ongoing learning curve!

Here are 5 great storage solutions which have worked for us:

1. Storage boxes and more storage boxes.
The layout of our motorhome 2 fixed single beds which can be converted to a king-size bed (for special occasions!). We have 3 overhead cupboards above the bed and a large storage cupboard below the bed on each side.  Both cupboards have hanging rails, but we only use one rail as they aren’t the most effective use of the space.  We have also found we no longer require a lot of clothes that need to be hung up, especially as they tend to need ironing and we don’t own an iron!  We have found that SKUBB clothes organisers fit in our overhead cupboards perfectly.  Each pack contains 6 fabric boxes of varying sizes.  When you don’t need the box and want to save space, simply open the zipper in the bottom and fold it flat. The boxes are great for storing t-shirts, trousers and underwear.  We have a small selection clothes in each box and changeover with clothes stored in the wardrobes in packing cubes as season or activity dictates. View SKUBB storage boxes.  We also use the small cube boxes to store other bits ‘n’ bobs in various other cupboards such as tablets and Nicola’s makeup (which is considerably less than she managed to accumulate in our house!

2. Packing Cubes
As mentioned we store a selection of clothing that isn’t currently required in packing cubes in our under bed cupboard. We have a purple, blue and grey set so we can easily identify whose clothes are contained in the cube. View Packing Cubes.  Below our packing cubes in action.

3. Cupboard Organiser
We soon learnt you need to make use of every possible space in your motorhome. Several of our overhead cupboards in our kitchen/living area don’t have shelves, resulting in a lot of wasted space.  Rather than fix permanent shelves we found these great extendable freestanding shelves View Extendable Shelf

4. Kitchen Storage

We have a pull-out drawer under our fridge which seemed the most place fitting to keep our saucepans and oven dishes/trays in. Again, storage is a premium we decided that a good solution would be saucepans that we could stack.  The Tefal Ingenio range has removable handles so stack perfectly.  They are non-stick, after almost 3 years of everyday use I’m pleased to report they are holding up well.  They can also be used in the oven so are great for casseroles where you need to sear meat on the hob first before transferring to a casserole.  I have also lined my medium size pan with grease-proof paper and used as a cake tin.  There is a huge range and includes plastic lids great if you want to store leftovers in the fridge

There is a huge range of products and sizes to choose from:

The essentials kit might be the perfect solution for you

You may decide the best solution for you is to purchase the pans you need individually.  There’s huge change across the range, here is just a small selection.

Tefal Ingenio Essential Non-stick Saucepan, 20 cm

Tefal Ingenio Essential Non-stick Saucepan, 16 cm

Tefal Ingenio Essential Non-stick Saute Pan, 24 cm

Tefal Ingenio Universal Stainless Steel Straining Lid

Tefal Ingenio Removable Handle

5. Fridge/Freezer Storage
Although our fridge is a reasonable size we still wanted to make use of the space available. We found using storage caddies offered the perfect solution.   The storage caddies also ensure that things don’t move around too much when we are on the road – no more eggs “jumping” out at us when opening the fridge for the first time after a journey!  We also find taking food out of large, unnecessary packaging and either putting in zip-lock bags or wrapping in clingfilm helps free up fridge and freezer space.

Well, that’s just a few of the things we have found make our life a little easier.  If you have any tips of your own we would love to hear them.

Safe & happy travels x


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