Winter tour – week 1

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After a great wedding season we are finally off on our winter European tour – only 12 months later than originally planned! However in hindsight the delay has given us plenty of time to get accustomed to living in “Trinny” and it’s certainly been a steep learning curve at times. Whilst we are far from seasoned motorhomers we definitely feel more ready to get the most out of this trip.

9th November Day 1

We arrive at Folkestone early and as on previous trips we are invited to board an earlier train. Arriving in France just before 12.30 we are greeted by a grey gloomy day so decide to make haste and get “trucking” south. Around 3pm we realise we haven’t had any lunch and then spotted some golden arches, unfortunately not of the historic type and maybe not what we had envisaged as our first taste of France, but nevertheless it served to refuel Trinny’s driver and co-pilot so mission accomplished.

After driving for a further couple of hours darkness was looming so we found an aire in Les Aspres with toilet, water and waste facilities all for free – good start. N48 41′ 21″ E0 36′ 5″

Day 2 – lunch stop Le Trois Moutiers – next to small pond.

Over night stop Nersac N45 37′ 34″ E0 3′ 0″ great little aire with water and emptying next to police station – so felt nice and safe!

Day 3 – trip to Dune du Pilat – highest dune in Europe pretty impressive and the sun shone. Quick lunch stop at Gujan-Mestras. After quick drive through Arcachon we sought out an aire listed on Park 4 Night unfortunately it looked shut and too make matters worse we bumped a tree on the way out. Weather had turned dismal again so decided to head for private aire in Orion overlooking Pyrenees. Arrived in the dark.

Day 4 – unfortunately little improvement in weather so Pyrenees were nowhere to be seen. After debating we decided to head off and risk heading over the Pyrenees rather than using the tunnel. Turned our to be a good decision – although intermittent drizzle the views were amazing.

Found a great spot for lunch unfortunately Sat Nav took us through a village that was far from suitable for Trinny’s girth – passenger wing mirror was the resulting casualty. After Trinny had received some first aid we headed off (after walking the exit from the village to check our escape would be casualty free!).

Arrived Huesca late afternoon, parked in central motorhome parking. Went for a quick explore but being Sunday not a lot was open.

Day 5 – after a windy night (nothing to do with Mr B’s derrière!) we decided to head to the coast in search of warmer climes – Tarragona to be precise. After finding no room at the inn at our chosen parking spot we researched further and found a delightful spot besides the sea – every cloud and all that! Sun shinning and around 19c (N41 7′ 44″ E1 18′ 6″)

Day 6 – after a better night’s sleep albeit only until 5.15am when a good train hurtled noisily passed.

However as we pulled back the blinds we were blessed with bright blue skies sunshine so decided to stay put for the day – it would be rude not too!

Turned out to be a brilliant decision – spent the day reading, walking and generally chilling – just what the doctor ordered!

Day 7 – after breakfast we headed off to a service point to do the necessary, unfortunately although our app had originally shown it as 4km away it turned out to be nearer 12km and involved a toll road. Eventually found a service point a few miles inland.

Headed to the parking spot we had originally chosen in Tarragona. This time we were in luck. Bikes out we headed for the town. The 2BC amphitheatre is clearly visible from the outside so we decided a few snaps would suffice. Then for a spot of lunch in the sun at 20 euros including a couple of drinks each we were more than satisfied. Then for a quick nose round the cathedral; a huge impressive building, but have seen better stained glass in other European towns and cities. Mr B declined the offer to see another cathedral.

Back to Trinny to catch the last few rays of today’s sunshine followed by yet another stunning sunset.

Overnight stop N41 6′ 51″ E1 16′ 0″

First week complete here’s to the next 20 or so!

Full route details and some pics can be found here Winter Expedition 2017-2018

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