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Ok folks its been a few weeks since we’ve had her and its been a busy time adding bits and bobs.

First job was to add another solar panel.  Dealer fitted one and all the controller so it was an easy job to just buy another panel  some doubler plugs and then stick it down. (only issue I had was that the cables original laid out would not let me get the 2nd panel the same distance from the edge of the van.  Lucky I don’t have OCD.   We went for the marine grade flexible 120w panels 2x from Sunshine Solar not the cheapest out there, but have a great reputation for quality and customer service. We also had a 20 amp controller with a 80-20 split charge between leisure and engine batts ,  Our inverter also came from them (Dealer fitted).

Solar panels


Next came the upgrade to the rear camera.  Factory fitted with just a reversing one I decided Id quite like a double rear view/reversing one.  Bought from amazon the Kiptop dual system at a very reasonable price and then spent the best part of 2 days taking off panels and chasing cables  around the MH. Very please with the results although the camera angel on the Kiptop for reversing is not quite as wide as the Comos original.

Next on my list was a couple of more USB sockets up near the cab overhead storage shelfs.  I treated myself to a couple of KEF Muo’s so needed a couple of extra USB charge points so while I have all the panels off of the camera these 2 went in.   Say hi to Trinny.

KEF Muo's




Next came a power surge protector, As we are planning to travel abroad quite a lot and we have heard stories of bad hook ups and dodgy supplies. Very simple to install just inline from your hook up point before it gets to the MH’s electrics.  £65 well spent I hope.

We have a bit of dead space in the garage on the rear wall so thought Id build some shelves to make use of it.  Bough a B & Q budget 5 shelve and with a bit of cutting a screwing managed to get 2 shelfs in which gave us 3 surfaces for box’s and stuff or the wife’s shoe’s LOL.  Very happy with that.

Rear Shelves


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